Looper Painting and Remodeling
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Looper Painting and Remodeling

What we do:

  • Custom Interior and Exterior Painting: You need painters who know how to enhance your home and protect your greatest investment. We are top quality painters that use top quality paints and stains.
  • Drywall: We specialize in new drywall installations, and drywall repairs. No repair too small.
  • Carpentry Repairs: We provide a wide variety of carpentry corrections, custom repairs and builds.
  • Flooring: we install laminates and hard surface flooring.
  • Bathroom & Kitchen: We combine our skills together to provide your imagined kitchen or bathroom. A towel bar or a countertop, no job too small.
  • Decks: We are experienced carpenters that can install or repair all your decking needs.
  • Pressure Washing: Have a mildew/mold problem, or just plain dirty? We rely on our brushes and chemicals to clean your house. We actually scrub your house clean. We use a chemical mixture that Protects metal surfaces from corrosion, and it removes stains from patios, driveways and sidewalks.
  • Handyman Jobs: Having a handyman tackle all of the honey-to-do lists around your home is invaluable. No job is too small
Looper Painting & Remodeling
Phone: 314.630.1506
Email: darren@paintstlouis.com